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Summer upstream: basic equipments
  time:5/24/2016 hits:686

In mid-May, the weather is getting hot. Today we’d like to share upstream basic equipment:
#Upstream shoes
Choose upstream shoes, please remember the key words:
Non slip, drainage, ventilation, shock absorption

# waterproof bag
A good upstream package, not only can fully waterproof, but also both good carry of, even joined the seamless convergence of the process
Supplier: www.eyoutdoor.com

#Quick dry T-shirt
Comfortable and quick drying

The alpenstocks will keep you a better balance in the water.
Supplier: www.eyoutdoor.com

#Parachute cord
It will be used in a small waterfall or water relatively fast .Supplier: www.eyoutdoor.com

#Quick dry towel
This kind of towel material is usually lighter than ordinary towel, will not increase the burden



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