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sum¬mer is upon us and camp¬ing sea¬son is just around the cor¬ner. Whether you’re the ulti-mate back¬packer or your every¬day car camper, here are some uni¬ver¬sal tips for sum-mer camping.

While the idea of being the spon¬ta¬neous camper who decides where to go every week¬end might sound ideal, that’s not the real¬ity of today’s camp cul-ture. We’re not say¬ing you shouldn’t try to go camp¬ing even if it’s last minute, you might even get a site, but if you want to ensure a camp¬site in a pop¬u¬lar des¬ti¬na¬tion dur¬ing a pop¬u¬lar sum¬mer week¬end you’d be silly not to try and book in advance.

We’ve all been there, maybe you were out late with friends or just plain pro-cras¬ti¬nat¬ing, but the morn¬ing to hit the road has finally come and you have yet to even start pack¬ing your camp¬ing gear. Don’t wait until the last minute to get all your gear together, nobody likes unrolling their tent at the camp-site only to remem¬ber that you for¬got to air it out at the end of last sum¬mer and now it smells like the dark¬est cor¬ner of your grandma’s basement.
We rec¬om¬mend get¬ting a camp bin, or three, it’s a great way to keep all your camp¬ing stuff together. Even if you are tout¬ing around a whole apart¬ments worth of stuff for your glamp¬ing trip there is no bet¬ter way to ensure that you won’t for¬get some¬thing than by hav¬ing it all in the same place.

We all know the drill, leave no trace. This rule doesn’t just mean that you clean up your trash after you’ve camped some¬where. In order to fol¬low this really know what “Leave No Trace” means you should famil¬iar¬ize your¬self with the seven prin¬ci¬ples of the rule:
1. Plan ahead and prepare.
2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
3. Dis¬pose of waste properly.
4. Leave what you find
5. Min¬i¬mize camp¬fire impacts.
6. Respect wildlife.
7. Be con¬sid¬er¬ate of other visitors.
These rules might as well be the com¬mand¬ments of camp¬ing, so famil¬iar¬ize your¬self with them. The biggest way to ensure that our nat¬ural won¬ders will be around for gen¬er¬a¬tions to come is if we all take part in main¬tain-ing them.

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